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2008 Late 2008 main line activity

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During the last quarter of 2008, both main-line certified locos carried out a handful of non-Royal Mail jobs, including a private GBRf tour from Doncaster to Edinburgh.

86101 was called upon in early October to provide power for a test run of the new Cargo-D Mk2 rake, prior to its launch on the "Electric Scot" tribute tour. It is seen at Carnforth prior to returning to Crewe.

On 22nd November, both 86101 and 87002 were requested by GBRf to haul a private tour from Doncaster to Edinburgh. Here 86101 leads 87002 south through Acton Bridge during the positioning move from Carnforth to Doncaster.

Dawn at Doncaster - 86101 faces up to a 91 in the west yard.

Almost like old times (well, earlier in 2008 anyway) as 86101 brings up the rear of the GBRf special at Doncaster.

At the sharp end, 87002 was in fine form.

The distinctive headlight pattern of 87002 pierces the Waverley gloom as the special arrives at its destination.

New track for an 87? 87002 crosses over to platform 19 at Edinburgh.

87002 arriving at Edinburgh with the ex-Manchester Pullman rake.

On the rear, 86101 is prepared to haul the train back to Craigentinny for stabling.

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