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Ice Maiden Services 2014-15

Posted on 22nd December 2014 03:47

87002 is being used on Network Rail Ice Maiden services for winter 2014-15.


The operating arrangements for the Ice Maiden services are different for this winter with the locomotive being based at Mossend instead of Carlisle or Warrington. The Ice Maiden services will run on an ‘as required’ basis for approximately nine weeks. The Ice Maiden services are operated by GB Railfreight on behalf of Network Rail.



86101 returns to service

Posted on 22nd December 2014 03:34

Following the successful completion of a test run on 17 December 86101 has returned to service.


86101 has been out of service for nearly two years whilst repairs to rectify wheel flats and a major overhaul, equivalent to a G Exam, were completed. As part of the repairs the locomotive has been fitted with overhauled bogies and refurbished traction motors, a new pantograph and the installation of GSM-R cab-shore radio system in addition to other repairs.


Thanks to our volunteers and our industry partners for their help in returning 86101 to service.



ACLines 59 ready to download

Posted on 6th December 2014 12:01

The latest edition of the AC Locomotive Group's magazine, ACLines, is now available for download by members.

Please log on to the forum and member's download area via http://www.aclocogroup.co.uk/forum/login.php?redirect=../member.php


Overhaul of Class 89 Traction Motors

Posted on 25th June 2014 12:40

The overhaul of Class 89 traction motors numbers 1 to 3 has been completed. The overhaul has taken been a lengthy process with the damaged traction motor #2 being found to require significant repairs to rectify insulation failures and associated damage within the motor.
To resolve an insulation problem on the #2 traction motor a new section of the field winding has been manufactured. The ‘one off’ nature of the Class 89 caused a problem in the manufacture of the field winding in that it has been necessary to purchase an unusual insulated copper section used in the winding. After manufacture of the new coil the field frame was reassembled and varnished before work on reassembling the motor proceeded.

The #2 traction motor has now been reassembled and successfully tested. Plans will now be made for the locomotive to be lifted to allow traction motors 1 to 3 to be reinstalled and traction motors 4 to 6 to be removed for overhaul.

Our thanks to Bowers Electricals  for undertaking the motor overhauls.



Restoration of 85006

Posted on 7th April 2014 01:45

During 2013 the locomotive was repainted into BR Blue livery; the main body was painted by contractors using an epoxy paint system, painting of the central roof section, bogies and underframe equipment was undertaken by ACLG volunteers.


Electrical and control restoration is mostly complete with all machines having been inspected, cleaned, etc. Off load testing (either at low voltage or control voltage only) has also been undertaken to prove the correct operation of the tapchanger, rheostatic brake controller, main circuit breaker, etc.


Repairs to non-structural plating underneath the both cab floors are to be undertaken. Corrosion of the underfloor plating is a known problem with the class 86 and 87 bodywork and it was expected that the 85 (on which both the later locomotives are based) would suffer from the same problem and corrosion of the plating was found once the cab floors were lifted. On completion of the plating repairs both cabs will be fitted with new flooring before other cosmetic work is undertaken.

Thanks to our volunteers and Bowden Rail.



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