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Restoration of 89001

Posted on 18th February 2015 12:20

Restoration of 89001

Following Electric Traction Limited (ETL) securing a locomotive hire contract, the profits from which will be used to fund the restoration of other AC locomotives, the AC Locomotive Group (ACLG) is pleased to announce that further works on the Class 89 will now go ahead.


Initially work will concentrate on the overhaul of traction motors 4-6 and the field convertors for motors 1,3, 4 and 6. These works will require the locomotive to be lifted from its bogies and the locomotive roof to be removed. Traction motors 1-3 and field convertors 2 & 5 have already been overhauled and will be reinstalled following the work on the other traction motors and field convertors.


Work to follow will include the removal and overhaul of the rheostatic braking units, the vacuum circuit breaker and re-commissioning of other systems on the locomotive. Removal of the ‘late in service’ fitted rain deflector strips should rectify several small corrosion problems on both cabs of the locomotive. At a convenient point in the works the locomotive will also receive a full repaint and rectification of bodywork cosmetic problems.


As the majority of the restoration work is of a heavy and specialist nature it will be undertaken by contractors with project management, etc. being undertaken by volunteers from the ACLG. Volunteers have undertaken regular work on the locomotive since its arrival at Barrow Hill as well as project managing the contractors used for motor and field convertor repairs to date. Volunteers are currently in the process of re-commissioning the field and control batteries.


A timescale for the work on the locomotive has not been set, ultimately it will be dependent on the condition of various components in the locomotive and the availability of suitable contractors. It is intended that the locomotive will be brought up to full 125mph operational standard such that it could be used on mainline operations.




Restoration of 82008 and 85006

Posted on 18th February 2015 12:17

Restoration of 82008 and 85006

The ongoing restoration of 85006 is currently focussed a number of items of cab equipment, the locomotive air systems and cosmetic work on  internal panels and covers.


82008 is the subject of some investigational work to assess the condition of its rectifier and the tap changer drive. Additionally some work has been undertaken on the auxiliary electrical systems with a view to running some of the cooling fans.



Electric Traction Limited to hire AC electric locomotives to GB Railfreight

Posted on 17th February 2015 07:51

Electric Traction Limited and GB Railfreight have been in negotiations over the provision of locomotives and today the following press release was released by ETL with the agreement of GBRF and Serco Caledonian Sleeper,

Electric Traction Limited to hire AC electric locomotives to GB Railfreight Ltd

Electric Traction Limited (ETL) is pleased to announce that it is to hire a number of AC electric locomotives to GB Railfreight Limited (GBRF). The locomotives will be used to move trains to and from London’s Euston station on behalf of Serco Caledonian Sleeper Limited. The locomotives being provided by ETL are from Classes 86 and 87, both classes of locomotive having previously been used by GBRF on a wide variety of duties.


The funds generated by ETL will be used to continue the restoration of locomotives from Classes 81, 82, 83, 85 and 89.



Relocation of 86101 and 86401

Posted on 6th February 2015 11:24

86101 and 86401 have temporarily moved away from their 'home' depot of Willesden.


86101 has moved to Wabtec at Loughborough. 86401 will move (at the time of writing it is awaiting onward movement from Peterborough) to the former Leicester TMD site. The move of both locomotives will allow the completion of various works away from an operational depot environment.


87002 remains on duty for Network Rail Ice Maiden services and is unaffected by this announcement.




Ice Maiden Services 2014-15

Posted on 22nd December 2014 03:47

87002 is being used on Network Rail Ice Maiden services for winter 2014-15.


The operating arrangements for the Ice Maiden services are different for this winter with the locomotive being based at Mossend instead of Carlisle or Warrington. The Ice Maiden services will run on an ‘as required’ basis for approximately nine weeks. The Ice Maiden services are operated by GB Railfreight on behalf of Network Rail.



86101 returns to service

Posted on 22nd December 2014 03:34

Following the successful completion of a test run on 17 December 86101 has returned to service.


86101 has been out of service for nearly two years whilst repairs to rectify wheel flats and a major overhaul, equivalent to a G Exam, were completed. As part of the repairs the locomotive has been fitted with overhauled bogies and refurbished traction motors, a new pantograph and the installation of GSM-R cab-shore radio system in addition to other repairs.


Thanks to our volunteers and our industry partners for their help in returning 86101 to service.



ACLines 59 ready to download

Posted on 6th December 2014 12:01

The latest edition of the AC Locomotive Group's magazine, ACLines, is now available for download by members.

Please log on to the forum and member's download area via http://www.aclocogroup.co.uk/forum/login.php?redirect=../member.php


ACLG Polo Shirts

Posted on 29th April 2014 03:05

Polo shirts embroidered with the ACLG logo are avaliable for £14.00(members) and £16.00 (non members) each (plus £3.50 p&p). Adult sizes M to XXL are available, please specify size when purchasing.  


Price (including delivery)

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