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89001 Control Circuits Energised

Posted on 15th May 2016 01:59

89001 Control Circuits Energised

Following recent work by volunteers and staff from both Bralesford Engineering Services and HNRC we have successfully re-commissioned the Control and Field Convertor Batteries on 89001. Having the batteries in an operational condition is an important step in that it enables the locomotives' battery chargers and a number of other control systems on the locomotive to be energised and tested.The picture shows the control desk at #1 end energised on 14th May while the locomotive microprocessor controls were undergoing testing. Work on the bogies and brake systems on the 89 is also progressing.

As items are serviced and inspected the considerable number of documents relating to the design and maintenance of the locomotive in the ACLG’s possession are being reviewed to ensure that they reflect the condition the locomotive is now in  and to establish a thorough understanding of the locomotive for maintenance and fault finding.



Class 89 Restoration

Posted on 28th April 2016 09:50

The AC Locomotive Group (ACLG) is pleased to announce progress on the restoration of locomotive 89001 and the imminent commencement of major repair work.

Over the last few months ACLG volunteers have completed an assessment of the condition the locomotive, reconditioned the battery systems, removed the obsolete NRN radio system from the cabs and commenced refurbishment of the cab interiors.

The locomotive will shortly be moved to the workshops of Harry Needle Railroad Company (HNRC) for the first stage in heavy overhaul works to be undertaken. The overhaul work will concentrate on two key areas; bogies and traction power equipment. Bogie work will comprise of an ultrasonic inspection of the locomotive axles and the locomotive being lifted to allow the removal of traction motors 4-6 for overhaul (traction motors 1-3 have already been removed and overhauled). The traction power equipment overhaul work will require the removal of the locomotive roof after which the field convertor cubicles, rheostatic brake stacks additionally the cab air conditioning units will both be removed. Removal of the field convertor cubicles will enable the repair of field convertors 1, 3, 4 and 6 to be completed; ACLG volunteers having already removed field convertors 2 & 5 by hand and both of these units have already been overhauled. Overhaul of the traction motors will be undertaken by Bowers Electrical and the overhaul of the field convertors will be undertaken by Fletcher Moorland.

In addition to the volunteer technical and project management team from within the ACLG Tim Bralesford (Bralesford Engineering Services) will be providing project management and technical services. Tim has unrivalled knowledge of the 89 as he worked on its design, construction and commissioning in the 1980s and its overhaul and re-commissioning in the 1990s.

The restoration of the Class 89 is a major project with considerable complexity and as such a date cannot be set when the locomotive will be returned to operational condition.

A technical ‘walk through’ of the locomotive (including some of the equipment to be repaired) is on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxbv_-QCa6A

Funding for the repairs to 89001 is being provided from funds generated by the mainline operations of locomotives 86101, 86401 and 87002, the sale of locomotive 86213 and from donations to the AC Locomotive Group.



Railtours using ACLG Locomotives

Posted on 14th February 2016 09:01

We are pleased to announce that preserved AC Locomotives from our fleet will be used on a number of railtours this year. 

The UK Railtours "Pines Express"  on 30 April and “Atlantic Star” will both feature AC locomotives, details can be found at; http://www.ukrailtours.com/product/the-atlantic-star/  and http://www.ukrailtours.com/product/the-pines-express/ 

Class 86 and 87 locomotives are to be used by GBRf on a number of legs of their 15th Anniversary charity tour , details at; http://gbrfcharityrailtours.co.uk/railtours/sep-8-11th-gbrf-15


ACLines 61 Ready to download

Posted on 9th February 2016 01:35

The latest edition of the AC Locomotive Group's magazine, ACLines, is now available for download by members.

Please log on to the forum and member's download area via http://www.aclocogroup.co.uk/forum/login.php?redirect=../member.php


Mainline Fleet on Class 1 Duties

Posted on 28th August 2015 04:40

Tuesday 25th August 2015 marked an AC Preservation landmark with both 86101 and 87002 operating Class 1 passenger services. 86101 worked the 1M11 Glasgow-Euston Sleeper whilst 87002 worked the 1S26 service in the opposite direction. Meanwhile 86401 operated ECS services (5S96) between Wembley and Euston.


86401 returns to the mainline

Posted on 6th August 2015 02:27

On 4th August 2015 86401 was taken on a test run from Willesden Depot to Watford and return. This journey marks a return to service for ‘401 and is the first time in 11 years that she has run under her own power in the mainline network. 86401 will shortly join 86101 and 87002 working Caledonian Sleeper ECS services.

86101 has recently stretched her legs working services on various duties in Scotland and 1M11 Glasgow Central-London Euston sleeper on 5th/6th August.

Due to a defect that will be repaired shortly 87002 is currently restricted to ECS services between Wembley and Euston.



Restoration of 82008 and 85006

Posted on 18th February 2015 12:17

Restoration of 82008 and 85006

The ongoing restoration of 85006 is currently focussed a number of items of cab equipment, the locomotive air systems and cosmetic work on  internal panels and covers.


82008 is the subject of some investigational work to assess the condition of its rectifier and the tap changer drive. Additionally some work has been undertaken on the auxiliary electrical systems with a view to running some of the cooling fans.



ACLG Polo Shirts

Posted on 29th April 2014 03:05

Polo shirts embroidered with the ACLG logo are avaliable for £14.00(members) and £16.00 (non members) each (plus £3.50 p&p). Adult sizes M to XXL are available, please specify size when purchasing.  


Price (including delivery)

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