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Class 89: Update on Bogie Overhaul
Class 89: Update on Bogie Overhaul

Work on the Class 89s’ bogies has continued with the bogies reaching the stage at which components can start going back together. The locomotive and bogie frames were lifted from the wheelsets and the axle boxes were dismantled to allow the axle bearings to be replaced. With the bogies stripped down the opportunity has been taken to inspect major components, the springs were subject to specialist ‘off site’ tests and the axles received an Ultrasonic inspection.

The six traction motors, the four Pre-Load Units and the Secondary Dampers have been overhauled and will be refitted during the next phase of bogie work.

The return of overhauled equipment into the locomotive has begun with the Auxiliary Transformer and associated chokes, Vacuum Circuit Breaker and a new HV Cable Assembly being installed.

Our thanks to our volunteers for their work and to our industry partners at Applied Inspection, Bowers Electrical, Bralesford Engineering Services, HNRC, Mike Kerry Consulting, Sabre Rail, Sheaf Engineering and Wabtec without whose help the restoration of the 89 would not be possible.

Picture; (Clockwise From Top Left) 89001 being lifted in the HNRC Workshop, Overhauled Auxiliary Transformer, #2 Bogie Lifted from Axles #3-6 and new bearings installed, Fitting a new axle bearing, Overhauled Auxiliary Chokes and a dismantled old bearing. All pictures courtesy HNRC.