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89001 Restoration Update
89001 Restoration Update

There has been further progress on the Class 89 today with the locomotive being moved into the HNRC workshops at Barrow Hill to allow the locomotive body to be  lifted from its’ bogies and the removal of traction motors #4-6. The traction motors will be sent to Bowers Electrical for an overhaul.

The components removed from 89001, the Field Converters and Rheostatic Brake Stacks, are already withoutside contractors for assessment. Assessment of the Rheostatic Brake Stacks has focussed on the brake stack from #2 end, this stack has been found to have sustained serious damage in service which will necessitate a rebuild of both the resistor and fan motor sections of the stack. Bralesford Engineering Services and ACLG Electrical Engineers are investigating a number of design improvements to be incorporated into both of the Rheo Brake Stacks to remove the failure modes that lead to #2 brake stack being damaged.

An extensive survey of the locomotive’s running gear is underway, with both axles and bearings being subject to an thorough inspection. With the locomotive in a partially dismantled condition the opportunity will be taken to assess the condition of the various power smoothing and surge suppression circuits to ensure that their capacitors are in good condition; a number of the circuits are only accessible by removing the roof or lifting their equipment frames from the locomotive.

Above Left: #2 End Rheo Brake Stack being removed (Courtesy Bralesford Engineering Services)

Above Right: 89001 body lifted from the bogies inside HNRC workshop (Courtesy Bralesford Engineering Services)