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Class 89 Overhaul Photos May 2019
Class 89 Overhaul Photos May 2019

Following the completion of the overhaul of the Class 89’s bogies by HNRC work on the 89 passed on to ACLG volunteers for the completion of connections between the bogies and the locomotive body; AWS, TPWS, Tachogenerator and Traction earth returns were all re-connected and tested.

Inside the locomotive a variety of tasks have been undertaken:

  • Current Transformer of the new High Voltage cable assembly was connected into the locomotive wiring and the Primary Overload relay tested. Covers and internal panels around the HV cable assembly re-instated on completion of the wiring work
  • Armature Convertor thermostats tested for ‘hot’ operation off the locomotive, refitted on to Armature Convertor and then functionally tested with the Input Interface Boards on the main control electronics.
  • Blower duct access panels fitted with new seals and fixings repaired prior to refitting
  • Choke covers (corridor side) fitted with new seals, inspection windows and new fixings prior to refitting
  • #2 Choke top cover drilled (approximately 3000 holes) to rectify improve ventilation of the choke (ensuring the air flow is identical to #1 choke)
  • TDM rack re-commissioned
  • Wiring modifications and re-terminating of control wiring in preparation for installation of Field Convertors
  • Fitting of new door seals to equipment room doors and refitting of doors 

Testing of the locomotive control electronics identified a fault with the 15V power supplies and a subsequent related fault on individual control boards. The power supply fault has been repaired.

Rebuilding of the Field Convertors is underway, individual sub-assemblies of a convertor have been bench tested separately, complete convertor will be assembled and tested shortly. On satisfactory completion of testing of the first Field Convertor the remaining five convertors will then go through the same process. 

A set of new capacitors (a new design being required to meet increased network voltages) for the locomotive surge suppression network have been obtained and are in the process of being fitted to surge suppression boards which will be refitted when the locomotive roof is next removed. 

New brake blocks have been trial fitted and a full set of new blocks will now be manufactured. Whilst the brake blocks are unique to the 89 their cast ‘blank’ is similar to blocks still in use on other vehicles still in service. 

Repairs to the locomotive bodywork have been undertaken with volunteers preparing the locomotive (removing cab interior trim, fixing, fittings and reinstating under body valances) prior to HNRC staff undertaking heavier repairs:

  • Removal of both cab roof GRP domes, filling and repair of the former NRN Antenna mounting holes
  • Repair/filling of the NRN Antenna mounting holes in the cab roof substructure
  • Welding new steel into the body, particularly to repair identified corrosion to the leading edge of the rain strip sections above the cab doors and water traps around the lower cab handrail fixings
  • Corrosion repairs around the cab step pockets 

Following refitting of the cab roof domes, sealing of various body joints and filling of some areas of bodywork (notably the section above the cab windscreens) the body has been primed and will be painted in a top coat to make the paint finish impervious to water. Painting of the locomotive into a complete livery is not a priority at this stage and will be addressed later. 

Planning is underway for testing of the locomotive during 2019. 

Picture; (Clockwise from Top Left) HV Cable Assembly during refitting, TDM Rack Testing,  #1 Cab with dome removed, 89001 in primer coat, Brake Block Blanks, Windscreen Wipers removed for overhaul, modifying, #2 choke cover being modified, fitting new seals to equipment room doors, (Centre) Cab Roof Dome prior to repair.