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Barrow Hill

20020727_02.jpg Barrow HillThumbnailsBarrow HillBarrow HillThumbnailsBarrow HillBarrow HillThumbnailsBarrow HillBarrow HillThumbnailsBarrow Hill

Once in position on the restoration road, work on 84001 began with a vengeance. Filling and stripping is in progress in this shot. The equipment side paint was not flaking off like the corridor side, and after some experimental chipping appeared to be sound. On this basis the decision was made to simply rub this side down and repaint, rather than chip all the old paint off as was done on the other side. This decision would come back to haunt us later!

On clearing the yellow paint off the cab ends a curious discovery was made. Rail Blue paint was found on the cab front, on top of original Electric Blue. This led us to wonder whether this loco (and possibly others) had their first coat of Rail Blue in the same style as the previous livery
� not something that's obvious from photos of that era.