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89001 Restoration Update
89001 Restoration Update

The collection of overhauled components awaiting refitting to the locomotive is gradually growing and preparations are being made for the re-assembly of overhaul of the 89’s bogies. 

ACLG volunteers have completed the inspection and testing of the earth bonding cables on the locomotive, a time-consuming task that was not aided by some bonding cables being hidden behind other components. While testing the earth bonding cables we also found further motor starting capacitors, which were also tested. 

The body of the 89 is predominantly steel with the cab front and side skins (and under-cab trim panels) being made from aluminium. There are several joints between the cab skin and main body, these have been stripped out, cleaned of corrosion and primed ready for resealing with a modern sealant.

Our thanks to our volunteers for their work and to our industry partners without whose help the restoration of the 89 would not be possible.

Picture; (Left) #1 Tacho-generator removed, (Centre Top) Under-cab trim area before cleaning and painting (Right) Cab Skin to Main Body joint primed awaiting sealing and (Centre Bottom) Start Capacitors hiding awaiting testing.