The AC Locomotive Group

 This section covers the AC preservation period, from 2000 through to the present day. The year-by-year sub-sections cover our own history in more detail, plus other AC heritage developments outside the Group. Summaries for all pages can be found below. The sub-sections are grouped for convenience.

2020 89001 overhaul completed
89001 moved to Toton for painting
89001 returns to Barrow Hill after repainting
89001 moved to Soho depot for live testing
2021 89001 completes live testing then low-speed movement testing at Soho depot
89001 returns to Barrow Hill
2022 Design work and parts procurement carried out for 89001's main line equipment
89001 moves to Loughborough for main line equipment installation and other works
2023 89001 main line equipment installation continues