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Work to reverse years of decay to 84001's bodywork began in February with a skin-replacement exercise while a start was also made on preparing 85101 for its scheduled repaint. The majority of work for the first quarter was on the Generator Car, however.

With the coach now stabled on the 'public' side of the yard at Barrow Hill, it's rather tatty external appearance was finally put right. With one side completed by the Platform Opening Gala and the other made presentable, the coach was used to provide power for 82008's cooling fans throughout the weekend.

A great deal of electrical and mechanical restoration was also undertaken in the Generator Car, initially to power the 82, but thereafter to allow 83012 to be powered up too. Key to this work, however, was the shunting of 83012 for coupling to the van. Unfortunately, with an approaching steam gala in July, the authorities at Barrow Hill were unprepared to indulge us with a shunt. It was more than 20 weeks before the 83 and van were finally stabled together and work could start.

A further support vehicle, ADB977708, was purchased in June for spare parts and power equipment, arriving at Barrow Hill in July.

Work to power the 83 from the Generator Van completed in time for the October Galas at Barrow Hill. Both 83012 and 82008 were run up during the event, although the 83 eventually shut itself down with a burnt out coil. We were also called upon in November to provide locomotives for the EWS Staff Friends and Family event at Crewe Electric Depot. With the 81 and 85 in poor aesthetic condition, the 82 and 83 were selected to make the journey back to Crewe, leaving Barrow Hill on 1st November.

The Crewe Gala saw the two locos rubbing shoulders with brand new stock such as Virgin Voyagers, and old friends in the form of 86s. Also on show at the event was 87101 - making its last public appearance appearance. This loco was to follow the 82 and 83 back to Barrow Hill later in November, but sadly not for preservation.