The AC Locomotive Group

Work on 89001 continued with the Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB), Battery Charger Chokes and Auxiliary Transformer all removed for overhaul. The armature convertor supression networks were removed and new capacitors specified for replacement to meet higher network voltage ratings.

Underframe and internal earth bonds were inspected and tested, there are a lot of these amd this took a lot of time. Following inspection and investigation by ourselves it was decided to replace the main HV cable connectiing the locomotive roof to the transformer, so a new cable was sourced from Mekufa. The traction return brushes on the axle ends were inspected and cleaned out, two were found to require rectification as they were full of a watery grit mixture.

All the axle main bearings were condemned. The tachogenerators inspected, and some found to have suffered water ingress; these were repaired. Body work cleaning up and repair continued. The bogie preload units, a kind of lateral damper, were overhauled.

The locomotive was lifted again at HNRC and the bogies were stripped down. The springs sent away for testing, the axle bearings replaced, and the traction motors were reinstated. Following reinstallation of the VCB, the new main cable was installed.